Basic Informational Websites

If you need a basic website that displays information about your company, a static website or informational website is what you need.  These are the most basic of all sites and can be setup in less than a week or two in most cases!  

If you purchase a Basic Informational Website from MattKimmel.com, we will setup your site in the Content Management System, setup the template design for the site, and setup your pages so you can login and add words, images, videos, or audio to your pages.  We can also work with you to put the content on your site or have our graphic designers design a logo for your site or any other branding issues associated with your site at an hourly or quoted rate.

There are more than 30 templates in the system you can choose from right out-of-the-box or we can design a customized template to meet your needs.  The base price for an informational website includes some time for setup but if you need a customized template or want us to develop interactive or flashy content for your site, that can be added on at an hourly or quoted rate.

Please contact us if you'd like to try out a sample website in the content management system to see if a basic informational website is what you need for your business!